peter parker

peter parker

hey guys my name's peter! i'm a very normal teenager from queens!

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  • Venom



    wow that's crazy imagine that happening to someone in real life. that's crazy.

  • Game Night

    Game Night


    my friend ned bought this on itunes which i think is kinda stupid because what if he didn't like it? but he was talking about it so much and he said he watched it two times since he bought it and so he made me watch it with him when we were done rebuilding our lego death star because i accidentally knocked it over when i– never mind. but i knocked it over and we rebuilt it and then we…

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  • Footloose



    my friend well he's not really my friend he's just some guy i know but he kinda ruined a lot for me including maybe my life? anyway this is his favorite movie and he think's it's the best movie ever i think he's stuck in the 80's. it's not the best movie ever. it never was.

  • Aliens



    surprisingly helpful...