Jaws ★★★★★

It's been a while since the big shark made it's way on to my screen, and I actually forgot most of it, but this rewatch was a good reminder of how bloody good this film is.

The script knows what tricks to take and when, that night boat conversation is classic and works brilliantly, diverting you from the shark and simultaneously providing the moment that all the characters connect, and the various shark pop-ups function excellently, they still scared the hell out of me.

Jaws has many themes, part of what makes it such a well written film, but what was glaringly integral to the fabric of the story were the themes of power, nature, diversity and survival.

Take Brody. He's got power on the land, he even says to his wife "of course I can do that. I'm chief of police. I can do anything", but as soon as he finds himself on the sea, he's just another person. He's chucking the chum, he's answering to Quint. Now on land, he has another predator. The Mayor. The mayor is determined to keep the beach open. It's his territory. Just as the office and the rest of the town is, (seemingly), Brody's territory, the boat is Quint's and the sea is the shark's. We're all territorial. We just don't directly eat each other.

But diversity comes into it in that each person on the boat, Hooper, Quint and Brody, all have different skills from varying backgrounds. Hooper is good with theory and technical, learnt a lot of his trade through formal education, and Quint learnt by doing it, being a fisherman his whole life. Two different methods, two dissimilar philosophies. Quint isn't good technically, (the boat's engine is all I'll say here to avoid spoilers), and Hooper makes a few mistakes on deck. They both need each other. Simple, but insightfully illustrating the need for diversity.

Nature and survival I shouldn't really have to go into - fairly simple. Three men guarded by technology in a world of nature, it's a microcosm for our society, really. Maybe I'm reading into all this too hard. I'm not sure, but all I know is, is that Jaws is packed full of subtext like meat in a shark's stomach. An absolute classic.

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