Good Time

Good Time ★★★★½

I rewatched this with my younger brother today. It's his last day of summer before starting up high school again and it's my second to last day of summer before I go off to college for the first time. 
The profound message behind brotherhood in this film has seemed to already have permanently attached itself into my brain. When I was younger, I took advantage of my brother. Not in a way that is extreme or inherently wrong in a moral fashion, but it was still a situation in which the older brother used his little brother for a personal gain. It was at this point in my life where I was my worse self. I thought I was superior in intelligence to all my peers and that I would without a doubt succeed them in whatever future career I decided to take. I was so caught up in my own ego that I had to constantly expand upon it. Instead of expanding it in the classroom, I took it out at home. I would pray upon my younger brothers intelligence because I thought he was leagues under me in that regard.
Now, about 5 years later from that state in my life, I realized how much of a cancerous person I was. Just like the cancerous person Connie Nikas is. He values himself over everybody else, and tries to finesse every situation he's in. He makes horrible and idiotic decisions that screw others around him. He is always trying to step over somebody to get ahead instead of standing side by side as equals. He reminded me of the person I once was and the person I used to be towards my little brother.

The one scene that showcases the selflessness Connie embodies is one of the earliest scenes. As the two run from the cops, Nick falls behind and is eventually captured/arrested. Immediately, I noticed Connie barely even looks behind him as he is sprinting away as fast as he can. He has himself in mind before he has his brother in mind. 
In present day I now recognize I'm a middle-of-the-road man with a likely unsuccessful future and a lack of creativity. Every single day I see my sense of motivation dwindling and my ambitions fleeting away. However, I see in my brother what I no longer have: innocently happy dreams. 

Good Time by far has one of the best expressions of the relationship between two brothers I have ever seen. 

I hope I never become the person Connie Nikas is.

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