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Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

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It all started with "I... Am... Iron-Man!" and now it has come down to the epic final showdown "This is the fight of our lives." And I am thrilled to say that Marvel has delivered one of the greatest cinematic journeys of all time.

"Part of the journey is the end."

Ever since first I saw the result of the snap in ‘Infinity War’, I have been so anxious to see how they would wrap this story up ... and I was even counting the days leading up to Endgame for the last month. This is such a massive movie, and Endgame does a great job of servicing all these storylines from character’s we have grown to love ever since the MCU first began. And it is astonishing to think about how this event, that has been building up for more than a decade would get paid off in such a fulfilling way marking and mark the end of an era for the MCU. The only other film I can recall building up to such a massive scale would be 'LOTR Return of the King'.

While some of the speculation of how this would all play out was spot on, seeing this story unfold was such a delight with how the Russo brothers wove together the paths of all these desperate heroes, looking for a chance at redemption after seeing so many of the people they cared for turn into ash. Despite the stakes being so high, Marvel once again applied the perfect amount of comedy into this story in order to humanize these larger than life superheroes. While 'Infinity War' did flow much better overall since there were not as many moving pieces, I love how much bigger Endgame feels with all its twists and even bigger moments.

Sad note, there is not a post credits scene. So once the main credits start to roll, you are good to leave the theater.

Avengers: Endgame is the perfect start to the Summer blockbuster season, and I am not sure if we will ever see another cinematic spectacle that reaches this magnitude ever again.

Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!
Spoiler Alert!

- The disorienting feel of the handheld camera work in the opening, after Hawkeye discovers the impact of the snap was a great touch

- 'I aimed for the head this time!' The first great moment of the film was seeing that Thanos had destroyed the stones and him getting taken out by Thor, which then sets into motion their quest to reassemble the stones

- Fall out of the snap. I really appreciated how it does take 5 years of them loathing before Antman returns to set the time travel element into play. Iron Man being so pissed off and malnourished when he gets back to earth was so fitting. And he had every right to be frustrated about how this was exactly what he was trying to prevent when he accidentally created Ultron. And that's what ultimately lead to the friction that divided the group going into Infinity War

- Getting the band back together. Beer belly/ 'The Dude' version of Thor chilling with Korg was hilarious. My 7-year-old son lost his mind when he saw the 'Fortnight' reference in the movie. Black Widow managing the remaining Avengers activities around the galaxy was a great character moment for her. I am sorry, but all the emphasis on Hawkeye did nothing for me here, even with his cool no sword and attitude. Hulk riding in the back of this little pickup truck causing it to scrap the ground was also funny

- Time Travel: The time travel movie references came at us fast and furious and I loved them. Seeing the characters pull a 'Back to the Future 2', and go through so many of the previous movies was FANTASTIC! I thought they did a great job with the new Banner Hulk, but we never did get a really solid Hulk smashing moment. Stark and his father and Cap and Agent Carter's moments in the 70s were really touching.

- 'Hail Hydra', Cap Vs Cap, and Loki's escape!

- I loved how in the background we get this sense of dread as Thanos becomes aware of the Avenger's plan through Nebula being in sync with her past self

- OMG the final battle in this film is off the charts! It's like seeing one of those posters with every Marvel character, but in a movie as they go battle Thanos' forces

- Cap, Iron Man, and Thor battling Thanos!!!! Cap using Thor's hammer was epic, but I wish he was not able to pick it up so easy at first

- How about Scarlet Witch! She really had a great moment against Thanos

- While a lot of unsung characters got their time to shine in this movie like Warmachine. I really wish there would have been bigger moments for Groot and Hulk

- Rocket was used perfectly. And it is so funny that they mentioned Build a Bear, because my son did get a Rocket from Build a Bear after Guardians 2 came out. Also it was fun how he kept teasing people about going into space for the first time

- Captain Marvel was also used very well, especially at the end. And it was cool to see Thanos knock her out of frame with the space stone

- I was tore up about Black Widow dying, but I think her back and forth with Hawkeye about getting the Soul stone is the part I am the most mixed about

- Talk about girl power! What a fantastic female superhero moment Marvel executed when all the gals appeared in that shot together

- I had a feeling Iron Man's time was up, but him getting taken out by using the Infinity Stones to snap Thanos and his army to ash was perfect. "I am Iron Man" ... what a perfect send off! The quiet funeral was touching, but I wish he would of had a big streets of New York style funeral procession scene with bagpipes

- Cap finally getting to go back and live his life and pass on his shield was well crafted and a fitting end to Chris Evans' time as Captain America. A character that years ago people thought would never work in a movie

Wow, where does the MCU go from here? Time will tell but I can't wait to see a Guardians 3 movie with Thor. More Spiderman, Falcon Cap, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Black Panther, and Doctor Strange. Maybe Marvel will sell me on some of these new franchises they are pulling from their deep catalog. We will just have to wait and see, but going from 'Iron Man' to 'Avengers: Endgame' has been such a memorable movie watching journey.

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