Gremlins 2: The New Batch ★★★½

A sequel that dials back some on the scares while cranking the zaniness to the max!

Gremlins 2 is the typical sequel that attempts to go bigger and better, while losing some of the charm of the original. They end up going so over the top that the movie manages to hold up in new ways, while poking fun at the whole Gremlins concept.

This time around Gizmo ends up at the same massive office building that Billy is working at. Billy has to go off to meetings, which leaves Gizmo alone to get wet and begin a whole new cycle of Gremlins. The building reminds me a lot of the CNN building in Atlanta Georgia, which has news studios and a huge public food court, all in the same building with the large CNN branding everywhere.

Unfortunately Gremlins 2 attempts to be a much more kid friendly film by limiting the scares and focusing more on goofy Gremlins. To keep the little monsters feeling fresh a science lab is included where a bunch of them drink different chemicals to transform into:

- Bat Gremlin
- Smarty pants Gremlin
- Glamour Gremlin
- And my favorite as a kid was the creepy Spider Gremlin

Surprisingly Gizmo is used more effectively this time and is given an adorable dance number, we see him getting humiliated by the Gremlins, a mock training montage, and an awesome heroic moment.

The movie also cranks up the meta factor and often refers to its production studio Warner Bros. We also get another movie theater scene but this time the Gremlins stop our movie and Hulk Hogan has to do some 4th wall breaking to get the movie going again.

Thankfully Gremlins 2 returns to its scarier roots at the end of the film for a massive melty Gremlin death scene.

I have heard that they keep trying to do a third Gremlins movie, but it is hard to imagine them being able to top the charm of the original or the overloaded commercial craziness of the sequel.

The Gremlins are a great example of a B movie monster done really well for the whole family to enjoy.

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