The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★½

(Halloween Movie Fest 2019)

Hell with 'Mandy', now that was a chainsaw battle ... featuring Dennis Hopper VS Leatherface!

"No secret, it's the meat. Don't skimp on the meat. I've got a real good eye for prime meat. Runs in the family."

Tobe Hooper's ridiculous gory and comical parody of his original landmark horror film. The story follows a female DJ named Stretch, who happens to get a recording of the mysterious Texas Chainsaw killers, when some guys that are prank calling her are murdered. (Is there some rule that she can't just hang up on annoying jerks?) Meantime, Dennis Hopper plays a lone investigator who asks Stretch to replay the recording of the murder on the radio, to lure Leatherface and his cannibal family out into the open.

"The small bussinessman... always, always, always gets it in the ass."

Quick hits:

- A sympathetic Leatherface ... really??? So basically all of the members of the cannibal family are essentially portrayed as violent cartoon characters. But Leatherface is the most awkward because he basically turns into a puppy, that gets a crush on Stretch

- In one review I read for the original, it mentioned the chainsaw as being a phallic-shaped weapon. Not sure if Hooper was going for that metaphor in the original, but he sure dials it up to 11 in this one with how Leatherface thrusts his chainsaw at Stretch and rubs it on her leg, while she is sitting provocatively

- Lot's of random over the top gore like during that fake looking brain bashing scene, guts spilling out of a wall, him putting the torn off face skin on Stretch, and the chainsaw fight

- The cannibal family definitely upgraded their lair, and the set design with all the bones hung up was pretty gnarly

- I wish they did not make Leatherface's mask look so goofy, I guess they felt the need to make that consistent with how he acts

- Grandpa looks a lot like old Salieri from 'Amadeus'

- I get why Dennis Hopper would be running around their lair cutting posts, but we do not see it amount to anything

- Too bad we don't get to see the aftermath of that grenade, but the final shot of Stretch being a triumphant badass was fun

I can see hardcore fans of the original really hating this comedic follow up, but with just taking it on face value I had a surprisingly good time with it.

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