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  • Neptune's Daughter
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  • Flame



    If I had to trace the genesis of my love for the film medium, it would have to have started with Polte (Flame). Anyone into distortions of filmstock would be amiss to skip this short, which uses parts from the Finnish film Silja (Fallen Asleep While Young) based on a book by Nobel Literature Prize winner, Frans Sillanpaa. The perfect title for a film which is lost to this day, existing only as one damaged reel found in 2015. Awakened…

  • The Flying Train

    The Flying Train

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  • Cow



    Come on, girlies.

    And here I thought I'd go weeks before watching a proper Christmas movie and one of the men was dressed in a Santa hat.

    Quoting Andrea Arnold from Indiewire's interview:

    "People cut so much all the time. I feel like there’s no faith in the audiences’ ability to be quiet and just take things in.”


    β€œI felt like in the end, she felt seen by us. And I think that’s very unusual. She felt seen. And…

  • Goin' to Town

    Goin' to Town


    1935 was the first full year the Hays Code was reinforced following employment of Joseph Breen to the newly established Production Code Administration mid-1934.

    What's automatically noticeable in this film is Mae West contending with her persona by feeling like she has to change herself to become a lady to gain Paul Cavanagh's approval, and thus, his affections. It's deeply offensive as a character attack on Mae West, but remarkably, Mae West still owns the screen. As much as I…

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  • The Jane Austen Book Club

    The Jane Austen Book Club


    Hugh Dancy: I'm going to be adorably awkward for the next 1.5 hours
    me: *incoherent screaming noises*

  • Alphaville



    Let's play Godard bingo, y'all!

    a man narrating about deep philosophical things
    people smoking in cars
    a man hitting a woman
    repetitive sudden dramatic music
    a male protagonist who is demure and never laughs

    a fedora and trenchcoat
    a quote for the entire film (I shall fight so that failure is possible)
    a man lecturing a woman on very important things (tm)
    a bird's eye point of view of walking around traffic
    a naked or near naked woman

    a discussion…