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  • Seances



    I had no idea this was available at the National Film Board of Canada's website here all these years! What-- What an absolute treat to see one of my favorite films, The Forbidden Room, receive the seance treatment wherein Guy Maddin and co, obsessed over the funerals of over 80% of silent films, conjure the spectre of lost film by generating a unique combination of images to tell a story only you will get to see. No pause button. No…

  • Flame



    If I had to trace the genesis of my love for the film medium, it would have to have started with Polte (Flame). Anyone into distortions of filmstock would be amiss to skip this short, which uses parts from the Finnish film Silja (Fallen Asleep While Young) based on a book by Nobel Literature Prize winner, Frans Sillanpaa. The perfect title for a film which is lost to this day, existing only as one damaged reel found in 2015. Awakened…

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  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    It looks awful.
    That's because it is on you, dear.

    Sorry, incoming more Disney spam. I was curious how much the old Disney animated features from my childhood would hold up and watched Sleeping Beauty back to back with Cinderella (no full review but mice Gus and Jaq are everything). And they both generally hold up well.

    Sleeping Beauty spent around 8 years in production and ended up costing a looooot of money for the traditional/cel animation. Live actors rehearsed…

  • Mulan



    One of my favorites growing up. Not everyone appreciates Eddie Murphy's comedic relief betwixt war drama, because tonal whiplash, but it worked and still works for me.

    What other Disney animated film devotes two minutes to music without dialogue to convey such a pivotal plot point? (or maybe I've never noticed?) Jerry Goldsmith's Short Hair track was the best thing about Mulan, who when told she's dishonored her family by speaking up, is rendered voiceless but not thoughtless, emotionless, or…

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  • Alphaville



    Let's play Godard bingo, y'all!

    a man narrating about deep philosophical things
    people smoking in cars
    a man hitting a woman
    repetitive sudden dramatic music
    a male protagonist who is demure and never laughs

    a fedora and trenchcoat
    a quote for the entire film (I shall fight so that failure is possible)
    a man lecturing a woman on very important things (tm)
    a bird's eye point of view of walking around traffic
    a naked or near naked woman

    a discussion…

  • The Jane Austen Book Club

    The Jane Austen Book Club


    Hugh Dancy: I'm going to be adorably awkward for the next 1.5 hours
    me: *incoherent screaming noises*