The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker ★★★

This is based on the play which eventually gave us Hello Dolly the musical. That doesn't really mean much to me, because I haven't seen the musical. The main selling point was Anthony Perkins in a romantic comedy. While The Matchmaker isn't an undiscovered comedic masterpiece, it's more than endearing.

- set in the 1880s (millinery! hats!) but with the comedic energy of the 1950s
- fourth wall breaking galore, truly fun, especially when the matchmaker (Shirley Booth) is talking
- Shirley Booth is a treasure and I wish the film focused more on her than Shirley MacLaine or Anthony Perkins and that's saying a lot because ...
- Anthony Perkins in drag (if Hitchcock didn't hire him off this, I don't know what he used as his benchmark)
- Anthony Perkins being a strange mix of nervous and energetic as a leading man; doesn't always work, but boy, oh boy, is it interesting to watch
- restaurant eating shenanigans (an aside: I, too, get the urge to order bread and cheese when I see the prices on a restaurant menu)

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