Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher


'Mr Eisenstein, I understand you are connected with the Kyenee-ma. I witnessed a Kye-nimatograph performance once.' - J. J. Thompson

Favorite films

  • Ugetsu
  • A Dog's Life
  • The Childhood of Maxim Gorky
  • Kummatty

Recent activity

  • Symphony in Black: A Rhapsody of Negro Life


  • A Rhapsody in Black and Blue


  • Off the Pig


  • Skhizein


Recent reviews

  • The Chronicles of the Gray House

    The Chronicles of the Gray House


    It's better to see the 2005 restoration of this film than the version on YouTube, since it's Arno Wagner's luminous cinematography that's the major attraction.

    "In The Chronicles of Grieshuus shot by Von Gerlach in 1924 from a short story by Theodore Storm, we found the natural landscape included like the idealized body of a certain form of spirit. Despite its fundamentally Germanic atmosphere (one thinks of Jean Paul and la Motte Fouqué), it was without doubt the most Scandinavian…

  • The Projected Man

    The Projected Man

    “The great monsters of the cinema. Dracula. Frankenstein’s monster. Paul.” - Tom Servo

Popular reviews

  • Woos Whoopee

    Woos Whoopee

    Even cats ignored Prohibition.

  • Melancholia



    Justine seems to be linked to mythology of Diana - who's vowed never to marry, the goddess of domesticated spaces, who was spied upon while bathing, the goddess who guides people between death and life, linked to animals and the Moon (or other celestial bodies).