• Rabid


    Okay, this was just ridiculous from the first second to the last...
    I would rather do our real pandemic again from the start than watch this ever again...

  • Two Distant Strangers

    Two Distant Strangers


    feels like a well-made diploma film from a high schooler. Message is important,but the implementation is little too simple and superficial.

    The dog was cute and that thing with the treats was fun, pls just let the guy go home to his buddie damn it.

  • Uncorked



    GF picks a movie #3

    It was so much better than I thought!

    I love seeing people who can talk about wines like this, and I love BBQ.
    This was just fun to watch, during dinner.

  • Brian Banks

    Brian Banks


    This was an interesting find on Netflix. First it felt like, it will be a trashy Netflix film, low budget like, visually bad. But then I realised I was captivated with the story, the actors did a really decent job, the script was written in a good way, so I really cant say anything bad about this. Decent watch.

  • Everest



    I was always wondering why in movies they never show us how certain people climb off from mountains, they just show us how they climbed up there.

    In that case we got a punch in the face that you cant just teleport down from a little hill called Everest.

    I hate everything in this movie. I hate cold, I hate heights, I hate tents, SO I basically cant understand why would someone do this to themselfs, still I cried like a little baby and I loved the visuals. Espexially long haired Gyllenhaal...

    Guys pls find different hobbies and life goals :(

  • Nobody



    Oh boi, Liam Neeson has a competition. Imagine, if this guy would take his daughter...Or do something with John Wicks dog...Who the fuck would win??

    Anyways, I was expecting something totally different, but let me tell you, this was hardcore as fuck, and brutal, and fast paced, and real action, but I thought I will get a more cheesy, more everyday dad story.

    This was badass, but still hasnt punched me enough to remember it for long.

  • All Is Lost

    All Is Lost


    I always admire movies like this where we only have one character and almost no dialogue, and still it can catch and have your attention all the way thru. Especially here it worked out pretty well, where the main character basically fought for his life. The camera work and the visuals were pretty amazing, and felt really real.
    Robert Redford delivered a strong and realistic performance, im not a sailor myself but for me it was pretty belieavable, ofc experts…

  • Thunder Force

    Thunder Force

    If the point was to make a satiric comedy about superohero movies, then it failed succesfully, as it eas weak for a superhero movie and was totally unfunny, more like cringe.
    Jaaon Bateman was the only fresh and enjoyable thing in it.
    Its good for background film when u have the thingy thingy with your gilrfriend

  • Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

    Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

    Yes, it always can be worse...This is an example for a franchise going downhill step by step...

    It had so many plotholes, so many obvious "plottwists", so many stupid decisions, so many irrelevant and stupid things that I'm strating to think that really anyone can direct a movie.

    The characters act total opposite in every situation, like how a normal person would react. It was so stupid, it made me cheer for the deformed hillbillies to kill all these stupid,…

  • Escape Room

    Escape Room


    This was basically Cube / Saw with a little hint of Final Destination...So basically stupid but still enjoyable. But stupid.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Holy molly, where should I even begin?
    First of all, my apologies to all of the cgi, vfx artist who must have put shitloads of work into this, but for me it didnt even loook good.

    Okay, so what was the point? I just finished watching this like 10 seconds ago, but already i couldnt tell the story, because it lost me in the first minute when I realised i should have some previous knowledge about what the fuck is…

  • Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

    Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


    It was like "IT" but worse. And i didn't dig "IT" either too much.

    I like this new trend putting the film into the 60s or 80s with bunch of pre-teen kids with walkie-talkies, and bycicles, and with different personalities but it has to have some point, and for me this was kinda pointless. But the sequel is coming you guys.