Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★

Like Part II, Friday the 13th Part III is a nostalgic fave that I watched over and over on a ratty recorded-off-TV tape. Upon rewatch, I can see that Part II is most definitely the better movie. Part III lacks the cool vibes of the previous film. And the cast here has a Hollywood sheen that strips away some of the warmth. Still, goddamnit, I love this film. I love the ridiculous disco theme song. I love annoying self-loathing proto-incel Shelly. I love the guy who gets killed at the start with the rabbit. I love the ridiculous 3D shots. Oh, that 3D. Balls being juggled into our faces. Sticks being poked relentlessly. Eyeballs held up for way too long. It's so endearingly stupid and adds an oddly dynamic layer to the cinematography. There's also, of course, the iconic introduction of the hockey mask. The first time we see Jason in the mask is so creepily unceremonious. An unremarkable wide shot of him walking down a pier. If this came out today, it'd be a big epic sweeping shot moving up his body until finally landing on the mask. But the stripped back nothingness of this shot makes it all the more disturbing. It helps that the kill that follows is utterly fucked. The film's final showdown is one of the best in the series with some legitimately scary moments. The hanged swinging Jason... brrrr. Certainly not the best of the series, but a banging slasher nonetheless.

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