Naked ★★★★★

Naked is kind of like entering hell. Only hell is a bit funny. What an utterly bleak and b-r-u-t-a-l-l-y honest film. I love the way Mike Leigh allows the characters to drift through London. Though it feels so complete in the way it wraps up (the ending is perfect), there's a sense of wandering, meandering hopelessness as we stumble upon each new character. It's hard to wrap my head around the lead performance. David Thewlis is grim. A motor-mouthed, sardonic, intelligent, bullying, sadistic, manipulative wrecking ball. One bursting with intense, violent emotion. He does terrible, terrible things. But he's uncomfortably real and more pitiful than anything. His counterpart, Greg Cruttwell, is pure fucking yuppie evil, committing similarly reprehensible acts, only without the emotion, loneliness, and depression that goes hand-in-hand. Leigh offers no reprieves for anyone. He is unrelenting. This is a masterpiece, but be warned that watching it in the wrong mood could be dangerous.