Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

Absolutely perfect. I mean, obviously the talent of David Byrne and co. speaks for itself. I would do terrible things to go back in time and see Talking Heads in 1984. But it is really Demme's approach to capturing the magic that blew my mind. There are subtle differences to way each song is shot and cut together. Sometimes he keeps it intimate, sticking almost exclusively to Bryne. Other moments he cuts like mad, moving from space to space. The timing is impeccable. The choices are always right. Wide shots become incredible reveals. The focus is entirely on the band, their methodical building of energy and, in a physical sense, the stage itself. Demme mostly, and smartly, holds off on showing the audience, but when he does it's a wonderful release as the show begins to hit its delirious end. The skill behind his direction, Jordan Cronenweth's cinematography and Lisa Day's editing is just as impressive as Talking Heads themselves. What a beautiful film.

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