The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Based on its shitty poster and two leads, The Nice Guys was not a film that interested me when it was out in cinemas. Even Shane Black in the writer-director's chair wasn't enough to woo me with the memory of the mediocre Iron Man 3 lingering in my brain. Damn my wary judgemental nature! I really wish I'd seen The Nice Guys on the big screen! This is stupidly good fun and a reminder of the talents Black has for action, funny dialogue, and writing lovable schlubs. It was nice to get a buddy action film where the action actually meant something because I genuinely engaged with its two leading characters (it helped that the camera wasn't a shaking mess too). The biggest revelation of The Nice Guys is Ryan Gosling. I'd always viewed Gosling as a pretty prop who is occasionally cast well by good directors. Here is he is an absolute delight — hamming it up, making a fool of himself and delivering oodles of charisma. Russell Crowe is also a surprise. I'm not usually a fan of Crowe. I find him painfully serious most of the time. But in this role he cuts loose and really looks to be having a blast. The Nice Guys is a refreshing return to solid, simple action that places its stars at the centre. This is my favourite film Shane Black has been involved with since his heyday.

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