Wild Company ★★½

About as dusty as early sound cinema gets, Wild Company is stilted and stiff. The sound is choppy. The shots are mostly static and often go for way too long. It lacks any kind of dynamic framing. It's hard to believe Leo McCarey is at the helm, but I guess he was still finding his way around the new technology. As dull as it can be, I found myself enjoying Wild Company. The story is simple and entertaining—a shitty rich kid getting mixed up with the wrong crowd thanks to a misguided crush. It's fun seeing a young Frank Albertson in the lead, and he does a decent job. Bela Lugosi shows up, and, though it's brief, I always dig seeing him in his few pre-Dracula roles. He feels so out of place the moment he opens his mouth and that accent comes tumbling out. Worth a watch if you're interested in early sound efforts or Lugosi's odd career.