Palm Springs

Palm Springs ★★★★

hey guys! i know i don’t get serious too often on this app, and i mostly say stupid little stuff about the movie i just watched. 

but in celebration of me getting 800 followers, i’d like to slow down and finally come clean about something i’ve been quiet about for a long time. 

so i’ve been thinking about this for a long time. you know, the usual stuff you do; slowly starting to think about something more and more. the denial. toying around with the idea until it becomes something more. i spent so long just thinking about this, thinking excessively until it became nonstop. 

it became obsession. it kept me up at night. i wasn’t the same person around friends anymore. i just couldn’t stop thinking about it. thinking about who i was becoming, and who i would become. all of this has finally shaken me and i think it’s time to come clean, once and for all. 

i know this can be a controversial topic, so here’s a trigger warning for whoever needs it. i have finally decided to let go of this weight that’s been on my shoulders for an eternity.

of course i’m afraid that people will look at me differently after this. of course i’m afraid that people will talk about me and sneer at me behind my back, but that’s okay. i understand why your opinion may change of me, and that’s okay. i’ve finally decided that it’s best for my health to just be honest with myself and my friends.

i am in love with andy samberg.

i know. it’s crazy. you may think i’m not thinking straight. you may think you don’t know me at all. you may even think you never knew me at all.

but for those who will accept me regardless of this, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. any support i can get right now means the world.

thank you.

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