Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

Taika as Korg was everything I needed and more.

It’s Gladiator meets Star Wars in this comedic adventure! Thor: Ragnarok is balanced so well with comedy, action, and emotion. The vision of Taika Waititi is stunningly amazing! Backed by beautiful visuals, great performances, and great use of comedy, Thor: Ragnarok is a great time watching.

Thor: Ragnarok starts off with Thor coming home to Asgard but finding out the Goddess of Death, Hela, is coming to take the throne and rule all of Asgard. Thor then finds himself in a new realm, where he finds his friend from work, Hulk! With the help of Valkyrie and Loki, Hulk and Thor are off to Asgard to fight Hela and take Asgard back!

This is the Thor movie we’ve all been waiting for. This is the Thor movie we’ve been wanting to see. No landing in New Mexico, no destruction being taken place in London, just a fun intergalactic, Norse mythology movie that is very well put together. The movie is very comedic and it does poke some fun at the past movies in the MCU. This was very well written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, and Christopher Yost, and brilliantly directed by Taika Waititi. Taika did a excellent job at balancing the humor with the seriousness that this story had.

The performances from the cast is incredible. These were some of the best performances, not only in any recent MCU movie, but in both Thor movie combined. Chris Hemsworth as Thor is, again, great; Tom Hiddleston as Loki is, again, fantastic; Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/Hulk, is actually the best I’ve seen from him as Banner/Hulk. They did a really good job at humanizing Hulk. He’s speaking more, he’s thinking more, he knows that he has taken over Banner’s mind, and it’s all great. Cate Blanchett is wonderful as Hela and really nailed her villainous traits. A stand out performance for me had to be Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, I thought she stole the show and it was good to see her whenever she appeared on screen. Jeff Goldblum is also in this movie, he plays the Grandmaster, and he is very Jeff Goldblum-like in his role.

The visuals for this movie is astonishing! The CGI is superb and some of the best work in any of the past Thor movies. The CGI for Hulk was actually the best CGI for the character in his cinematic history. The set designs are really good. This is a very colorful movie, colors are nice and vibrant. This felt very much like Jack Kirby’s work just planted on the big screen. The cinematography is beautiful, as even shots of CGI/blue screen work looked amazing. Taika Waititi directed this movie to perfection. The music, I would say, could be very hit or miss with people. For me, I enjoyed the 80s-like techno score as it was fairly well done by Mark Mothersbaugh, from the 80s band, Devo.

As for nitpicks, the movie feels quick for the third act, I wanted there to be more of what was happening in that act; Karl Urban plays a character named Skurge and he has very little screen time, which made me a bit sad because he was very solid in the movie; There was also a editing mistake that I pointed out and it bothered me; As much as I loved their performances, Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett have very little screen time; Back to Blanchett, she was sadly the weakest MCU villain this year; Finally, I wished they exploited more on Hela and Valkyrie’s backstory because they seemed like they would’ve been amazing to watch.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I had a ton of fun with it and really am amazed at how it was very well constructed. I can honestly say, it’s up there with my favorites of the MCU. It had everything I would want in a Thor movie. Thor: Ragnarok is solid 4/5.

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