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  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward


    Nope, a rewatch still hasn't brought me to my senses it seems... still love this film.

    It's a simple premise which is laid out beautifully, fantastically delivered with superb scoring.

    Fuck all you haters on here!!! ;)

    This is a wonderful film and only drops 1/2 a star for the over the top ending which detracts slightly from what is a true tear jerker.

    Oh alright, maybe I'm an old softie who still has emotional ties to back when I originally saw it and it left me blubbing. Not ashamed to say how much I love this film though. :)

  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    Mr. & Mrs. Smith


    Film 11 for my December Challenge.

    Okay, I admit it... I really like this film.

    It's one of those films I can revisit over and over and still get a kick out of watching, thus it joins the ranks of "The Negotiator", "Road House", "I, Robot" and "Pay It Forward".

    Yeah, I'm quite the saddo... so sue me. :)

    I like the humour, I like the chemistry between the two main characters who, IMO, nail the "bored-with-our-marriage-and-mundane-lives" angle, I like the OTT action/fighting scenes between them... I just like everything about it for some reason.