Manhunter ★★★

Brian Cox hottest Hannibal

watched this ahead of tonight’s Red Dragon rewatch. didn’t really vibe w/ this adaptation. couldn’t help comparing them and Red Dragon isn’t even *that* good but I like it better than this! Will felt like a nonentity despite being the central character. Dennis Farina is a great Jack Crawford

if I had a nickel for every time I was obsessed with a redhead actor who played Freddy Lounds in a film adaptation of Red Dragon I would have two nickels… love Slang I was so crazy abt him in 2015 <3 but what is his Freddy doing 😭 sorta felt like he was in a completely different movie (but then again every character felt that way tbh)

neither of them get that much to work with but PSH’s portrayal is closer to the slimy, self-loathing, deceptively arrogant sad sack Freddy/Roscoe from the books. love that little rat!

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