The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★½

"How do you like my car, big boy?"

Shane Black continues to write what he's good at and that's buddy comedy films. Here, we have Gosling as a down on his luck private eye and Crowe as an enforcer that end up teaming up together when their cases coincide with each other. These 2 actors could not have better chemistry. Oh, and Gosling's teenage daughter tags along for more comic relief as if the movie wasn't funny enough with just the 2 leads.

I wouldn't say I was laughing constantly throughout but I did laugh often and very hard when I did. I loved that they used physical comedy along with the witty dialogue. Gosling is so good at the physical gags in this. Crowe mostly plays it straight but has some great one liners here and there. I'm not familiar with the young actress who played Gosling's daughter (Angourie Rice) but she was terrific in this as well.

The 70s setting was fun, as was the attention to detail in every scene (I appreciated the "jaws 2" billboard as they're driving down the road). The case itself was silly but interesting and added the noir feel which was great. I don't really have too many complaints other than I wanted to laugh more than I did (there aren't too many "comedies" these days that actually make me laugh), the daughter got a bit annoying at times, and it felt a little long with a nearly 2 hour runtime. It's always hard to keep up with the jokes when your movie is that long though. Still, I hope this movie does well and look forward to a sequel.

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