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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    “You’re struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose."

    this film still doesn’t feel real to me. I just love this film so so much, like seriously did I dream this up? I honestly cannot believe in 2021 we get to see this fantasy of a film.

    This really feels like this is a gift from marvel to the fans who have loved spiderman since forever and I guarantee, this will exceed all expectations…

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    this movie is absolutely fantastic! definition of CAMP!!!!  MJ is my favourite character in this franchise, she’s incredible and I love her, she doesn’t deserve Peter. in my opinion, Harry has one of the best arcs in this trilogy and I loved his ending and cried like a baby. Peter is douchebag and he never actually apologises properly for anything that he does to MJ or anyone else in this movie so….. I appreciated this arc though because it showed…

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  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends

    what if laurie and michael kiss tho

  • Luca



    adorable lighthearted film! a beautiful and cute message that was carried throughout. I get why they probably didn't want to do a relationship between these two young kids, but cmon they were so GAY. They were so GAY FOR EACH OTHER. anyway, cute film really liked it <3