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  • Winter's Bone

    Winter's Bone


    Winter’s Bone reeks of East Coast voyeurism despite critics’ claims that it’s “authentic” (NYT) and “accurate” (LAT) to mountain hillbilly communities.

    Why every major reviewer, the Oscars, and the Golden Globes slobber all over Granik’s monotonous movies, I don’t know. With Winter’s Bone and Leave No Trace, Debra Granik has created her own critic-pheromone-filled genre: the Sad-Yokel genre. The key ingredients to Granik’s Sad-Yokel genre are as follows:

    1. Rural. It has to be set in an insular community.

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    This movie is so good!!!

    ...is what I would say if it was directed by any half-competent director (sorry John), or written by any half-competent writer (sorry John), or acted by any half-competent actor (I’m sorry John). Actually that last note isn’t true, Emily Blunt was pretty good, but can someone please tell John that there’s more to acting than raising your eyebrows really high and making puppy eyes. I miss the old days when John would put Dwight’s stapler…