Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite ★★★★

To understand America, one must explore Napoleon Dynamite. Our protagonist is adrift in an ocean of time, brimming with potential, but despairing that he'll never have the opportunity to showcase it.

Uncle Rico, a victim of nostalgia, is a pre-Internet multi-level-marketing grifter - he's a foretelling of the vast force of shattered pscyhes that would come to dominate our Facebook feeds and the White House, a time-locked bully. Kip finds his self-actualization through early dial-up Internet and old-school chatrooms. Deb is the purveyor of an undervalued skill - the ability to help others in their self-portraits and fashion or accessory choices, struggling to make the world realize her worth. And Pedro is the new American dream, buffeted by the casual, banal racism of his Idaho high school and yet still insisting on his aspirations.

Plus it has the best insult of all time in "your mom goes to college."

I'd have shuffled the screenplay up a bit, but this is always a fun adventure.

P.S. Did you know there's a post-credits scene? And that it's rather involved?

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