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  • Melancholia


    Takes itself way the fuck too seriously (idk what else you'd expect from dude, though), which hilariously doesn't mesh with how this sacrifices any real drama for the sake of bluntly expounding at length what it's like for Lars von Trier, The Woefully Beset Artist and Man, to be the one who must bear the curse of living with depression in this sick world of demanding vultures. Fundamentally myopic but kind of aware of that weakness, too, as characters find themselves…

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    My new completely unfounded take is that the first three Indy movies are a 1:1 of the Dark Souls trilogy and this is the Souls III of the series: a sillier, grander, more polished, and more objectively kickass reiteration of the relatively scrappy sui generis first installment. A great recurring device Spielberg uses here is to have Harrison Ford notice something out of frame and grin mischievously at it, but rather than cut to his POV, the reveal only happens…

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  • Chernobyl



    Very telling that despite all the powerhouse acting, sickening production design, and the successfully looming sense of dread, I was affected most by the actual documentary footage in the epilogue (the score helped). Maybe I'd have preferred to watch real people telling and living this story for five hours instead of a thinly-veiled dispatch about How We Live Now from a bunch of privileged #RESISTers. Not that we shouldn't be more aware and informed, and the argument for collectivism is…

  • Tito and the Birds

    Tito and the Birds


    TIFF 2018 #1

    This Brazilian animated adventure is incredibly gorgeous, not only for its mixed-media art but also its subtly Latin American identity (our protagonist’s family is a source of conflict but never once is love lost between them). The medium is made use of for some unique montages, panning and spinning across the canvas to convey a society in disarray. 

    The story is dystopian, portraying fear as a literal infectious disease. I can’t think of a more noble topic…