Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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"'Hector Faulkner, 65, and Richard Baker, 13, have been missing now for six weeks. Faulkner is Cauc...Cauc... Asian.'
Wow, they got that wrong, because you're obviously white.'"

Just as Hector warms to Ricky as they spend more time together Hunt For the Wilderpeople grew on me as it went on. After about 30 minutes I had a slight urge to turn it off and watch something else; I'm glad that I didn't. By the middle of the film I was definitely on board. I was more interested by the interaction of the two main characters in the bush than anything about Ricky settling into a new home.

A lot of the humor that was intended to come from the Child Services lady didn't hit its marks in my opinion. Luckily though Ricky was able to handle the comedic load virtually on his own.

There were some elements that reminded me a lot of a Wes Anderson film, especially the opening. That is probably why I ended up liking this one.