The Dead Don't Die

The Dead Don't Die

My only prior experiences with Jim Jarmusch were Only Lovers Left Alive & Paterson. I really liked the former and wasn't thrilled by the latter. The Dead Don't Die falls in between those two; it's a great script that turned into a pretty good film.

I cannot explain how happy I was to finally watch a zombie film that features characters who know about zombies and aren't just dumbfounded by what is happening to them with no idea whatsoever to do. There are certainly other, prior zombie films that operate in a world where zombie films exist but it always seems like the ones I watch have characters that have no idea what a zombie is. It's maddening.

Jarmusch's script for The Dead Don't Die is great. The deadpan humor featured throughout and the quasi-breaking of the fourth wall are hilarious. Things did unfold a little slowly--especially compared to most zombie films--but, oddly, the 105 minutes flew by. That's a sign a great pacing; the story itself is slow but the film goes by quickly.

The pair of Adam Driver and Bill Murray makes this film tick and they're just awesome playing off each other. And to think, I was never interested in the show "Girls" because I hated Adam Driver in the one episode that I saw. Hm.

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