The Witch

The Witch ★★★★★

So I thought The Witch was incredible. It was a gorgeously shot enigmatic masterpiece with a very meticulous build of dread, and I loved every minute of it.

For those looking for a movie to outright scare you, it might seem disappointing, but that didn't seem to be the aim of the movie. Being a psychological horror, it succeeds in making you feel extremely uncomfortable in all the best ways that a horror movie should. The sense of building dread and uneasiness ends with what many would consider an unsatisfying payoff, which I actually really liked, but I know would disappoint most typical horror fans.

I will say outright, it is a near perfect Horror film, but not a film that Horror fans deserve. After the film ended, I heard from others in the theater, "That was it?" or "That wasn't even scary"- the same people who think that the brainless tedious drivel that are 'Paranormal Activity' or 'The Forest' are scary. Seriously, Horror fans at large are the redneck equivalent of the film world, and they're the absolute worst.

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