The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★

London Film Festival 2021 film #7 

Man, what a disappointment in so many ways. Firstly basically no cast turned up to the premiere, apart from a surprise visit from Bill Murray at the end which tbh basically makes up for everything because what a top LAD. Other than that, I found this film incredibly dull and very pointless; just a selection of random, quite complicated but emotionally detached stories that were neither interesting nor made much sense. There were some sick animated sequences and the ending was alright, but other than that I genuinely don’t understand how this is Wes’ new film. It would’ve served better either as a short film or just focused on one of the three main storylines as there was just no time to care about anything and the comedy really didn’t land for me at all. This was definitely a Wes Anderson film in terms of style and colours, but just not the Wes Anderson film I wanted. I’m so sorry.

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