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  • As Without So Within

    As Without So Within

    I like the conceptual premise but it is not supported by the camera work at all. The several objects could have been made meaningful by a creative use of camera motion and framing that highlights geometric form, but this was accomplished effectively only a very few times in 25 minutes. And the strange slideshow-style superimpostion interrupted the good shots very quickly with this jarring effect that seemed very out of place.

  • Experimental Dancer

    Experimental Dancer


    Stop that, stop that. It's silly!

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  • Day of the Animals

    Day of the Animals

    So drab and miserable in that particular 70s way. Take a bunch of one-dimensional characters. Add a bunch of animals that are rendered insane by UV rays (without an attempt at suggesting why), and are driven to look at you menacingly. Then pile on Leslie Nielson as an over-the-top racist egomaniac murder rapist.

    Films with an environmental message work better when you aren't cheering for the death of the rotten and uninteresting characters. Yeesh. Not even the Rifftrax made this very fun >_>

  • Whistling in the Dark

    Whistling in the Dark


    Saw the Red Skelton version 3 years ago, and was trying to figure out if they made a remake or if I was crazy the whole film. The Skelton is a better film, better written (even if you think he's a ham), and better paced. But I might actually like this one better. Truex is a quietly inimitable character, a sticken and beleaguered yet self-amused bon vivant. His sly, deadpan delivery of the author's quirky observational lines and unique self-aware…