20th Century Women

20th Century Women ★★★½

dot points time!!!!!!! this is really turning into my brand huh:

•if I had gone into this totally blind I think I would've come out of it ENRAGED but bc I knew that the plot was Women Do Home Improvement: Teen Boy Edition I was (slightly) more forgiving 
•having said that, huge chunks of this movie read like someone is trying to rewrite feminism so it's for men, which it isn't, so ........ either delete that or just make the damn movie about women
•it does, however, REALLY work whenever it's about motherhood - probably because it's unafraid to invite the sheer terror of it over the threshold for a warm meal at the dinner table
•whole extra star for the moment in the middle when annette bening talks about the future being unpredictable and impossible and wonderful and blindsiding. she was right when she said we had no fuckgin clue about the internet and she still is
•weirdly I wasn't reminded of my own mother so much as reminded of myself being outlined and illustrated by a whole host of incredible women over the course of growing up
•having said that annette bening is being ROBBED of awards bc she literally BUILT AN ENTIRE LIVING BREATHING PERSON who is not only fully formed but also formidably warm
•elle fanning was also wonderful (as usual) but this was a new level of dexterity and complexity from greta gerwig: a) IT SUITS HER and b) she too is being ROBBED of a supporting actress nod 
•of course the screenplay is the architect behind these performances and MAN is that a GOOD DAMN SCREENPLAY!!!!!! "wondering if you're happy - it's a great shortcut to just being depressed" makes me feel so cheerfully winded every time. & honestly while i'm on this role, fuck manchester by the sea next to this realist and (comparatively) infinitely more revealing masterpiece!!!!!!!! I'd like to see kenneth lonergan square the fuck up and start a fight over clitoral stimulation but he's too busy making sure his teen white boy protagonist has two girlfriends and half the competence to satisfy them :/
•anyway I really don't know what I think overall?? all I can say is that 20th century women feels kind of like a patchwork quilt with a ton of holes in it - built out of lots of beautiful, small parts that on their own are very sweet, but are ultimately not very effective together

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