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  • The Taste of Things

    The Taste of Things

    I fell in love with this film at LFF and rewatched it a couple of times while writing my piece on Trần Anh Hùng's and Frederick Wiseman's culinary cinema for MUBI Notebook. Still, it was quite special to see this on the big screen again with a close friend---even though she did not agree that Benoît Magimel was hot (???). I insisted on a little bistro dinner before, which only enhanced the experience. As with a great meal, a film like this is best savored with someone you cherish.

  • The Awful Truth

    The Awful Truth

    THE perfect movie. I miss when comedies used to have great blocking.

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  • High and Low

    High and Low

    Having not seen any of Akira Kurosawa’s CinemaScope/TohoScope films before, I found High and Low quite literally eye-opening. It is interesting to see how his use of the aspect ratio differs from Yasuzo Masumura, Yuzo Kawashima, Kon Ichikawa et al, whose works within the format are equally revelatory. I thought of Masumura’s dislike of the close-up—he found it too actorly and “phony.” Here, however, Kurosawa’s sparing inclusion of such shots is so startling in the way they build up the…

  • American Fiction

    American Fiction

    the decline of satire is so real