Piercebaum has written 30 reviews for films during 2020.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    As much as I liked the performances and the art direction, I get the sense that I either need to be aware of Oklahoma or the book by Iain Reid to fully make sense of this film.

    After watching some explainers and doing some research into the symbolism, it seems like it's supposed to boil down to the trope of events playing out in someone's head, with Lucy ("young woman") being the fantasy of a lonely, and potentially suicidal, old…

  • Trump Unauthorized

    Trump Unauthorized

    I was hoping this would be worse than it was. 1 star for being better than expected.

  • The Wicker Man

    The Wicker Man


    I find it bizarre how much reverence this movie gets. It's riddled with nonsensical musical numbers and montages that remove any sense of immersion.

    I didn't experience any building dread or atmospheric unease that other reviewers here highlight. I just seen a clueless zealot frenetically rummage around a Scottish village and scream a bunch at everyone.

    There are a couple of interesting moments here, but what I assume is supposed to be creepy, comes across as goofy (ie: when the Sargeant can't start his plane and the villagers pop up wearing masks made me laugh aloud).

  • Midsommar



    This documentary was produced by QAnon.

  • Death Line

    Death Line


    I think Criterion oversells how "shocking" this movie is.

  • Save the Green Planet!

    Save the Green Planet!


    In South Korea these beliefs are cartoonish fantasy... in America they're retweeted by the President.

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    1.5 hours of people looking angry, confused, and yelling.

  • American Murder: The Family Next Door

    American Murder: The Family Next Door


    I originally liked and gave this 3 stars because the format of bodycam footage and (inaufferable) family videos on Facebook were pretty engaging. However, there is really no attempt to dig deeper into WHY this happened with no foray into the psychology of the murderer.

  • The Social Dilemma

    The Social Dilemma


    The "social media connects AND divides us!!!" narrative has been done a million times over, but the perspectives of former engineers and big tech employees/pioneers kept my interest. The dramatized sections are fucking god awful, though.

  • Feels Good Man

    Feels Good Man


    Fuck the alt-right

  • White Lie

    White Lie


    I think the movie lost me when a medical resident, who was just asked to forge medical records, answers with "this is not worth the risk for less than 3000 dollars".

  • Bisbee '17

    Bisbee '17


    Think "Act of Killing" but far too long, uninteresting, and devoid of emotion.

    Some of the recreation actors are so poor it's almost like a comedy at times. This distracts from what could have been a great story about an obscure piece of American WW1 history.