Piercebaum has written 15 reviews for films during 2022.

  • In Bruges

    In Bruges


    After watching this, I understand why Gleeson wants to stop being friends with Farrell in Banshees of Inishirin

  • Glengarry Glen Ross

    Glengarry Glen Ross


    Now I know why I suck at my sales job: I don’t yell at, or degrade, my sex offender office manager enough.

  • Barbarian



    Resident Evil 7 the Movie

  • The Master

    The Master


    The Joker, but with a bunch of jerking off

  • Deck of Cards

    Deck of Cards


    That jitterbug scene

  • Collateral



    Upgraded my review from 2 to 4 stars. Admittedly, I cringed so hard the first time I seen Jamie Foxx stare at that picture of the Maldives that I shut it off. Decided to ignore that part years later and enjoyed the rest thoroughly. I still hate that part though.

  • Nobody



    I watched this without sound on an airplane. Three and a half stars.

  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    This is a funny take on art school kids

  • Our Father

    Our Father


    As usual, Netflix takes an interesting subject and coats it in cringe production value.

  • Laserblast


    This is a good movie

  • Men



    I'm aware that this will sound like a Ben Shapiro movie review, but there really isn't much more to this than "all men are same, all men bad". I really tried to consider others angles that give this movie a deeper meaning, but I just can't get there.

    Maybe there's an argument to be made that this getaway is her self-imposed purgatory for the guilt of her husband's death... But I fear that may be giving the movie too much credit.

    1.5 stars because the movie is visually appealing.

  • Vagrant



    I really shouldn't like this film as much as I did, as it has some of the worst performances I've seen in a long time (but maybe I'm just thrown by the hilariously thick Alberta accents) and some pacing issues that had me a little confused.

    That said, it's actually quite moving, and I believe it accurately reflects the way the Canadian homeless underclass is treated in society. Vagrant's sincere storytelling and the genuinely beaten down performance of the lead carries it for me. Plus, I love dogs.