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I'm overwhelmed. My God.

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After the movie ended, I still thought it didn't reach its full potential, but when you have this many possibilities within a film it's almost impossible to be satisfied.

I love life-affirming movies. This is definitely the best I've ever seen. Its themes resonate with me so much.

I have a lot of problems with this movie between its humor and some of its choices, and I still think it could have been even crazier with all the multiverse stuff, but by the end of it, they didn't matter.

Everything is great. CastVFXmusicdirectionsoundeffectswritingetc

I'm not gonna pretend like I can put into words the way this movie handled the conflict between the characters and its message perfectly from beginning to end.
First time I saw a movie with Michelle Yeoh and she's insane, she will definitely win something for this and I couldn't be happier.
Waymond enters the realm of the "I hope I'll become literally him" characters, the dude is the best I've seen since uncle Iroh, and that's saying a lot. His climax was possibly my favorite in the entire movie.
I've never heard of the actor before, but he has already conquered my h-WAIT IS HE THE KID FROM INDIANA JONES HOLY SHIT.

You already know this, but only 8 people were on the VFX team, Jesus Christ.

I don't have much to say, I'm just so, so glad I watched this in a movie theater, and now it's hard for me to imagine any other way to see it.

If you really liked this, I'd suggest you to check out The Tatami Galaxy, an anime that has a great art style and crazy direction from Yuasa (as usual), with way more points in common with EEAAO than I would have imagined, while being very different at the same time. It's a lot of fun.


I want to start spending some words on the score of every movie I come across since I'd like to become a composer in the future, but I was way too immersed in this one to notice the soundtrack on its own.
But pianos with soft-pedal are, well, a soft spot of mine, and even if they are kind of the standard choice for emotional soundtracks, I wish they were used even more in cinema.
The presence of the music makes all the more important the moments of silence, which, weirdly, are probably some of my favorite "parts of the score". This is not an insult, the music works so well in all the other scenes that when it's missing it just hits the hardest.
Nah I take back what I said, the way the music enhances THAT Waymond scene is majestic. I really wish to spend more words on this subject, but I was literally inside the movie, I really couldn't notice much of the score, can you blame me?

I'm ready to be disappointed by the Oscars

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