Danial Zeinolabedini

Danial Zeinolabedini

You are your life and nothing more.

Favorite films

  • Annette
  • The Hunger
  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
  • The Bridge of Arts

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  • Trans/Figure/Ground


  • Altitude Zero


  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Recent reviews

  • Barbarella



    It's so good at being a sex-adventure-comedy that I can't think of another B-Movie filled with these memorable scenes. It's medicore at its elements of The Evil character, not because it doesn't have serious development, because it's boring at that, and thank god it becomes the center of attention just at the very end. The opening is memorable and of course this long opening credit with Fonda removing her clothes and Vadim captures her naked body is what we are…

  • Retour d’une promenade en mer

Popular reviews

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up

    What saves it from being a pretentious disaster is how everything centers around the comic tone and being a political satire. Great casting and eye-catching performance from DiCaprio, as always. Some very funny moments and obviously reminds me of Lumet's Network (Especially where DiCaprio lose control). It doesn't take itself seriously and that's good. Because there are two ways to make it work: being a very accurate observer about politics and dramatize it in all elements or just being a satire and exaggerate everything.
    I must give it a 1½ rate but I can't help it, This is Leo DiCaprio.

  • Crash



    Not the technology errors, not the zombies, not the virus or any kind of biological metamorphosis or even otherworldly species, here boredom and unsatisfied sex present themselves as the disease. Has anyone noticed this has all dystopian sci-fi movies elements but happens in the real world? Unsatisfied bodies, pale faces with no drama in them, all kinds of fucked up perversion on sex and nudity just to spice things up. It's strange how the city is like a survived place in an apocalyptic world!