Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

i really don't get the hate in here
when i watched this movie at the cinema i was loving this movie, and when i came back to home i saw a lot of negative reviews in this movie, and i was like ?????why????
and after watching this movie again i still love it
i'm not saying it's a perfect movie, cause it isn't
i don't like some things this movie created, reylo is an example
i don't like rey's journey in this movie, is not so good
and luke's character is just a bit nonsense and stupid, but honestly, this didn't bother me
but i like how this movie tried to fix some mistakes jj abrams did in star wars 7, like destroying kylo ren's mask at the beginning and making him without a mask in the entire movie, and why is this good? cause kylo ren don't have any reason to stay with a mask haha
this movie has the best cinematography of the entire star wars franchise, is just so beautiful
the action scenes are amazing and exciting
i like how creative this movie is, it created new beautiful creatures and new beautiful planets
i don't get the hate with Rose, she doesn't do anything special but is not a bad character...
but i'm going to say some spoilers, so yeah


i mean, why do people don't like phasma's death? and why do people don't like snoke's death?
both of them never was something in this, they never did anything, they never promised that they were going to be good villains

and yeah, is just, i like this movie and i really don't get the hate

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