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La La Land. In between bugging friends to watch it, constantly listening, whistling and singing the music, and being completely ignorant to any flaws anyone ever tries to tell me about, La La Land is a film I think I'm finally comfortable talking about.

Upon my 6th rewatch of this crazy, beautifully shot, colourful and inspired love letter to anyone with a passion, La La Land has cemented itself in my heart as an emotional work that allows me to get back on track whenever I feel like I'm dipping out of reality. Whether I'm happy, upset, mad at the world for not being on my side or simply driven away from my passion of film, I know that watching La La Land can boost my mood back to 100 and completely re-invent my imaginative and creative state. Whatever mental state I'm in, somehow this film manages to repair it for the better.

For the 2 hours it plays, I know that I don't have to think about anything else, I know that it's gonna steal my attention and keep it, hold it, comfort it. La La Land is exactly how I would describe the world I suddenly enter as soon as the first second passes, and through the musical numbers, the witty, depressing but realistic storytelling through dialogue, and best of all, Mia and Sebastian, I know for sure that it's gonna keep a smile on my face for it's entire runtime. I've never been able to re-experience a film differently like I can with La La Land. Each time feels different, more entrancing, more involved and immersive. The amount of love, attention, passion put behind the film is noticed, and it rubs off positively.

La La Land is a film I'll never be able to properly express how I feel for despite trying so hard. It's magical, it's wondrous, it's inspiring, it's comforting, it's an incredible experience. It's my comfort film, it's one of my favourite films, and it's a film that anyone who's in love with anything but may feel like they're falling out, whether it be a person, thing or dream, surely could do with watching.

Thank you Chazelle.