Lawrence of Arabia ★★★★★

Going in, my main concern was the runtime. Now sure, you do feel the 4 hours, but it's not like it's a boring film. At all. For 4 hours, it paces itself quite well. It has very entertaining moments, as well as moments that drag on a little, but not to a degree of boredom, it's all very atmospheric so at least if the dialogue doesn't interest you, you have pretty desert scenes to look at.

It's a fascinating watch worthy of the praise, and if the runtime is scaring you, trust me, if you've seen The Irishman, you get through this. A classic film that is crazy for its time.

I'm sure there isn't much else I could say that hasn't been said already. Performances, design, camerawork, narrative, the score which is beautiful (those overtures were a chefs kiss), all are as great/amazing as every known critic or person who has seen this movie has ever said about them. Even if you don't like the content, you have to admit, it's a next to flawless film.