• Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    i rewatched this for the first time since my childhood and oh god how i remember this quality content, film at its finest

  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp


    The world would have kept spinning had this not existed. Probably the most unneeded live action disney movie.

  • Ford v Ferrari

    Ford v Ferrari


    That was the surprise of the year. I went in knowing nothing. I came out with my heart beating rapidly and a smile. What an exciting, funny and incredible movie. The cinematography and visuals were more than incredible. The performances were outstanding. For sure a highlight for 2019.

  • Blockers



    It was fun. I mean, wasn't anything brand new or special, but it had its moments and kept my interest for the majority of the movie.

  • Son of a Gun

    Son of a Gun


    Just as it started getting interesting... BANG
    they hit you with the most mediocre, predictable and boring action sequence followed by a dragged-out story that isn't highlighted enough during the movie for me to actually care about.
    It's a movie to watch when you're really bored and are looking for a semi-quick movie to watch.

  • Tusk


    Dear A24,
    How have you managed to become my favourite movie company, whilst also being the ones to put out the worst movie I've ever seen? Please never do this again. In fact, please do your best to erase this movie from your filmography.

  • The Captive

    The Captive

    Ryan Reynolds is great. But the movie was terrible. I seriously don't understand how A24 or even the director thought this was a good movie idea.

  • Locke



    A boring yet brilliant movie. The idea of a man sitting in a car for an hour talking doesn't seem interesting. But damn, it had me thinking and wondering what the next call was going to bring. I'm gonna be honest when I say this isn't a movie you really watch. Rather, sit down and listen, and get involved in the story.

  • Darkened Room

    Darkened Room


    what type of brain software update has David Lynch received that's allowed him to record nightmares?

  • The Cowboy and the Frenchman

    The Cowboy and the Frenchman


    First 10 minutes are a solid 4/5... but then it just keeps on going...and going...and going...

  • The Grandmother

    The Grandmother


    I don't understand what I just watched. I just know that I enjoyed it and that David Lynch is certainly one of the most fascinating people on the planet.

  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    Count how many times they say Cocksucker.