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  • Cheating



    And so, shamed by the epic cheating scandal, John Taylor moved to England and became a legendary free jazz pianist. Sometimes, a particularly wistful harmony might remind him of Mary and her brilliance at factoring extremely simple quadratic equations. Rhythmically asymmetrical solos often brought to mind his friend Jim and the good times they had eating hamburgers. It was a good life, a creative life, a life well worth living, but John never entirely got over the devastation that bloomed in his soul when he was drummed out of the student council or his shame when the Centron Corporation brought his story to the screen.

  • A Day Of Thanksgiving

    A Day Of Thanksgiving

    I'm thankful that we finally got those political gangsters!

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  • Scream Blacula Scream

    Scream Blacula Scream


    It's Pam Grier versus Blacula and the poor bastard with the fangs never has a chance.

    This sequel improves on Blacula slightly, though it sticks pretty closely to the example set by the original. What was good about the first one is still present, but so is the clunkiness of the plot. This time there's some movie voodoo, a smattering of African cultural artifacts and Pam Grier!

    It's actually a somewhat subdued Pam that we get here. When the movie…

  • Night Nurse

    Night Nurse


    I'm a dipsomaniac and I'm proud of it!
    Ya hear? I'm a dipsomaniac and I like it! I like it!

    Bootleggers and baby-killers, booze parties and brassieres. Before I watched it, all I knew about this film was that it was pre-code and that Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Blondell were going to strip down to lingerie and snuggle under the covers. Obviously that was more than enough to merit a viewing on a cold Saturday afternoon. At twenty-four Barbara Stanwyck…