Charlie Bartlett ★★★

Charlie Bartlet is the nicest drug dealer you will never meet. Where most drug dealers are more likely to stab you or give you a bad product, Charlie will sit you down and talk about your problems. Its a charming little performance trapped inside of a pretty stupid movie.

Just like Perks of being a Wallflower, this movie is one of the most wildly inaccurate portraits of high school I've seen. 1950's mentality bullies, restrooms that look like inner city Detroit bus stops, and students who throw things at the Principle during random middle of the day board meeting-esque assemblies. I don't expect every film to be perfect in that regard. Especially if there are good performances and a unique story holding it all together. But when the performances are bad and the story is stupid, the cliched setting makes everything worse. Charlie Bartlet sets out to be an exception to this rule, and modestly succeeds despite the nagging feeling that this could've been better.

But I'll settle for what we got. The performances were good around the board and the story was highly entertaining.

Anyone else wanna try Ritalin with me?