The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

The Nice Guys is yet another film that bestows on us the timeless charm of Russell Crowe punching things and talking in a gravely voice. This time Crowe's "drinkin Yoohoo, solvin cases and fightin round the wooooorld" character is paired with a brilliant comedic performance by a springy Gosling and glued all together by the real star of the show, young Angourie Rice.

The three make for an inseparable detective team and their hijinks while stumbling upon a motor industry conspiracy across 1970's Los Angeles is by far the most supremely enjoyable and heartfelt mainstream experience so far this year. I dont typically work my way through festival stuff until later in the year (unless some MVP uploads early copies to public trackers) so my cinematic 2016 has been pretty subpar. This is one of the many reasons among others that I came out of The Nice Guys immediately in love, but watching Ryan Gosling fall down a hill at a 70's mermaid porn party will do that to most people.

Beat for beat you wont find another film this year that The Nice Guys doesnt out gag but another strength of the film is how it recreates the corrupt, scummy, smoggy sunsoaked LA of yesteryear; effectively turning this buddy action comedy into Boogie Nights meets Lethal Weapon but with little surreal touches that also makes it feel like a distant relative of The Big Lebowski. Not bad company to share.

Since the film is so broadly enjoyable its clearly a given that one day The Nice Guys will join the lexicon of other great buddy comedy films if it hasnt already. Its one of those movies that seems impossible to hate but people everywhere will find reasons to take it down a peg. The only problem standing in their way is Shane Black who is waaaaay on top of his game writing wise so any attempts to take this film down in my eyes will seem silly. He effectively bottled up off the charts chemistry between his 3 mains and penned a solid story with twists, turns and throwback references which combined is enough to sustain any film but Black goes the extra mile and adds little touches of black visual commedy and sight gags as well as unexpected wink-wink moments that border on being subversive. And there is Richard Nixon in a pool...

So without any furthur ado I present to you, people of letterboxd

... a film that is 100% internet contrarian proof.

The Nice Guys is anything but ordinary.

This is the film we all need right now. Enjoy it

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