American Honey

American Honey ★★★½


Little Destiny and her friends putting on a little wet n wild show for Shia I.....I felt that 😂. I’m really mad that I’m just taking in how hot Shia Labeouf really is in the recent year. 

I was going back and forth between 3.5 stars and 4, but as of right now, I’m comfortable with settling with 3.5. Mainly because i felt at times it didn’t hold momentum well.  But it was still a good watch. I may increase it another time. 

Idk if anyone else noticed, but there were a lot of shots of insects in the film and I felt they were shown way too much to not be important. I figured there must have been some type of symbolism? It could either mean they are a representation of Star and her journey in regards to the insects not having a definitive place to reside. They travel from place to place and have to adjust and adapt to their surrounds. Or it could have been used as a means to reveal Star’s character to us. Showing how gentle she is towards these helpless creatures. 

It was interesting and beautiful to see that Star didn’t care to deceive people or take part in criminal activity which I feel like most people who went through the same crap she did would some how involved themselves in. She wasn’t greedy either, when she was asked what her dream was she said she wanted her own trailer surrrounded by big trees and lots of kids. It was not to have a big mansion and a ton of cars or be famous or be a millionaire. That scene when she brought those kids food 🥺🥺 My heart. I think she just wanted love and a feel a sense of community. 

Mmmm probably really weird but I love when movies don’t play music over a love scene. It feels more real and less glamorized to me. Feels voyeuristic in a sense. (Okay no real quick imma swerve off the serious train. All I was thinking when they had that sex scene in the car was please don’t go down on her, she just got out of chlorine water) 😅

If I’m being honest I loved scenes with Krystal like what a bad bitch. She was hilarious I’m sorry. I gotta touch on how great the soundtrack was. It was appropriately placed. 

The next time I run low on cash imma hit my neighnours with that “I’m with the NCA communications competition”😂😭

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