Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

This is one of the only roles I’ve seen where I felt the woman had complete control and seeing a man feel this sense of entrapment. Amy’s character is one of the most chilling and  calculated characters in film to date. She ensured that every decision she made, made it impossible for Nick to escape. 

What’s so interesting is their relationship dynamic. Although we can point the finger at Amy, Nick also played his part. A part he was forced to play. They both did. Pretending to be two people they weren’t. They played a role from the beginning up to that final scene of them holding hands. That line that Nick said to Amy’s mother “you must be so proud” was one of the best lines. That was a perfect indicator of the influence Amy’s parents had on her. Amazing Amy was this fictional persona of Amy that significantly excelled at everything in life, things Amy would never accomplish. Now in that scene there’s Amy getting all this praised and receiving copious amount of love for being the carrier of another persona. One that’s made up just as her parents did. Im not sure Amy even knows who the real Amy is. All she knows is that she has to keep pretending to stay afloat and having Nick play his role is an imperative factor to her buoyancy. Not the nick that sits around and plays video games all day, but the Nick that can get on television and lie about how much he loves his wife and make America fall in love with him. If she plays her parts and so does he, they’ll keep creating this fictional world as they move through life.

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