Persona ★★★★

Wipe The Watchlist (HBO Max Edition) 

Okay, so after reading some of your reviews on this film I no longer feel alone at the fact that I legit cannot cohesively sum this film up. Many times I felt like I was finally understanding what this film was trying to do, then I would get completely rear ended out of belief. I thought, was this all in her head? Was Alma fooled? Is she a case study? This is a film that warrants a rewatch. If you understand this in its entirety on your first watch, kudos to you!! 

The writing here is outstanding. So many moments I was just hanging on Alma’s every word. In a scene Alma confides in Elisabet saying “is it possible to be one and the same person at the very same time?” Could Alma and Elisabet subconsciously be the same person or in some way mirror one another ? Because at the end Alma does say “no I’m not like you.” 

Slight spoiler!! 
I’m still trying to wrap my head around the opening and end scene with the little boy. In the final monologue, Alma explains how Elisabet had a baby and wishes he were dead and how the boy craves the love of his mother. In the opening sequence, the little boy appears dead, only for us to realize he is not. Then at the end he is touching the screen that shows his mother’s face. I assume that was the visual depiction of that monologue, but I could be very wrong.

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