The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★

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This movie made me think yet again about the way children view the world. It’s incredible to notice. They hardly ever realize how bad a situation is that they are in because they find joy and fun in the smallest things. They also don’t overthink when trying to make friends unlike adults. I think this mitigates the opportunity for loneliness to sneak up and grab a hold of them. 

I’m always so blown away by the amount of talent some of these child actors possess. I thought everyone in this movie played their roles beautifully, but Moonee has my heart. She is insanely wild, daring, head strong, and boisterous. But she’s also incredibly kind and independent. It’s almost like she doesn’t care if she annoys you because she knows eventually you’ll fall in love with her.

The whole apartment complex set up reminds me of my old neighbourhood.  We all had those annoying ass kids in our neighbourhood (and once upon a time me and my cousins were those annoying ass kids), but we are extremely protective over them. You become this weird version of an unexpected unconventional blended family and look out for one another. 

The colours elevated this to a whole other level. Although I enjoyed this movie, at times it was a bit draggy and I found the ending to be abrupt, but overall I’m really happy I finally watched this.

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