Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★★

3rd watch:

its as if every time i watch this, its digs deeper and deeper in my soul, and as cringey and pretentious as that is, im not sure if theres a better way to describe my relationship with this beautiful work of art.

i wasn't planning on watching this today. i was in a zoom class and out of nowhere a sudden feeling of helplessness came over me. i couldn't think straight. i couldn't focus. i decided to leave and put this on, jus to feel something. im still not sure if it even worked.

i dont know, i guess im just a bit jaded with life right now. it feels that everyday is just passing along, one after another, each one accompanied by a perpetual numbness, i cant seem to get rid of. i dont even know if i remember what happiness feels like.

even as im writing this, im jus as confused as before.

fuck i need to get this on criterion.

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