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If you ride like lighting, you’re gonna crash like thunder

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  • Cure



    You won’t catch me spillin any water after this one, no sir!

  • MFKZ



    This was a pretty ambitious undertaking that ended up falling on its face for me. The animation was interesting especially within action sequences. But there were so many moments where it felt like they were throwing shit at a wall to see what stuck only to have nothing stick but some cool fight scenes here and there. 

    Also added one star simply because we got to hear RZA recite Shakespeare

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  • Her



    Day ??? Of quarantine: Might mess around and see what that Microsoft paper clip is up to

  • The Master

    The Master


    A tale of the two natural men:

    On one side, The Master (Lancaster Dodd) argues that the real, natural man is a perfect being. Even if he doesn’t fully believe his argument and knows it’s bullshit, he has done everything in his power to convince his subjects and those around him that man is a perfect and pure being that we need to just “go back to” through the untapped potential our minds hold. 

    On the other side, Freddie Quell,…