Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★

So I took it upon myself to look through the bent-backed tulips
to see how the other half live and relooked through a glass onion. I have to say this is was a lot of fun even on rewatch which gave me some extra insights and made some of the jokes crack a little bit sharper. Sure I think I liked "Knives out" a little but more cause it felt darker and more dangerous while this took place in a sunnier local but I do think Rian Johnson does a great job making this sharp and entertaining all the while still punching up on the humour department. There are a lot of solid memorable comedic lines in this that will stay with me with some political edge to it plus this ensemble it makes the longer running time glide by easy. I have always enjoyed this genre and when you add a sociopolitical heft to it the material feels like it has more merit to it but remember it's mainly a comedy.

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