In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★★

"In the old days, if someone had a secret they didn't want to share, they went up a mountain, found a tree, carved a hole in it, and whispered the secret into the hole. Then they covered it with mud. And leave the secret there forever."

In the Mood for Love is about exactly that. A romance that never happened. Chow and Su moved to the same building, same floor, and thus became neighbours. Chow has a wife and Su has a husband. But both significant others travel constantly on business, leaving our protagonists alone. So Chow and Su start a friendship.

This movie has a remarkable sensibility and it much more about companionship and dealing with loneliness than love and passion. The fact that Chow and Su never kiss on screen, even though they are "in love", suggests that. Everything that leaves room for an "affair" is well hidden by both of them. People do gossip, after all. It is has if talking to and having fun with someone (nothing remotely close to sex) from the opposite sex was frowned upon, if your significant other isn't present. The fact that it all happens in Asia and during the 60's urges that sense of secrecy.

The ending of the film was particularly moving, poignant and sad (which I loved) because it's years after what happened and it shows us that both characters are still touched by one another.

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